What is Backwoods Tanuki?

The Backwoods Tanuki are 11,111 unique tanuki randomly generated, then registered on the Radix Network.

Play to earn interactive experience based on the backwoods of Kentucky and Japanese folklore.

What is CBD Token?

CBD, Cornbread Token, is the native currency of Backwoods Tanuki.

CBD Token is needed to participate in all the Backwoods Tanuki fun.

How do I Reserve Backwoods Tanuki?

You can reserve your Backwoods Tanuki by sending XRD, OCI, or DGC to the project's official wallet. The cost for (1) Backwoods Tanuki NFT is 125 XRD, 150 OCI, or 200,000 DGC. There is a limit of (10) Tanuki per order to ensure fair distribution.

After you send XRD, OCI, or DGC to the project's wallet, you will receive “TANUKI” and "CBD" tokens acknowledging your reservation. We will be manually sending tokens on a weekly basis.

Project Wallet Address